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Vectoraster 7.1.1 patch released

Today small update was released for Vectoraster 7 with a couple of fixes to hopefully make your Vectoraster experience even smoother.

Fixes in 7.1.1
  • Stroke rendering on line rasters now properly uses the stroke color instead of fill color.
  • Fixed some bugs with basing raster point colors on a source image with an applied blur effect.
  • Some interface bug-fixes related to replacing the image of an existing raster source image.

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Vectoraster 7.1 released

Today new more substantial update for Vectoraster 7 was released. It is available to download and try for free, or you can update from within the application if you already use it.

New features and improvements in 7.1.0
  • You can now dynamically blur source images you base your rasters on with a nondestructive blur parameter.
  • Improved multi-scale tool with new options to scale only points or pattern parameters, and to scale the raster pattern from the center to maintain symmetry.
  • New raster pattern align tool to quickly align the offset and spacing of the raster to line up the points exactly with the edges or center. Available in the Raster Utilities menu.
  • You can now show sources behind the raster in the preview or exports with an opacity parameter for blending.
  • Updated Sparkle update code.

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Nice Dice iOS app updated

The dice roller app Nice Dice has just been updated and the new version is available for iPhone and iPad on the Apple app store. The new version adds the ability to roll dice of two materials at the same time, with separate totals calculated for each. It also improves the dice picker and presents interfaces, that now also show the current dice materials.

To celebrate the new release the app will be free to download, with all content, for a limited time. So check it out now!

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Vectoraster 7.0.9 released

Today another update for Vectoraster 7 was released. It is available to download and try for free, or you can update from within the application if you already use it.

The new version adds some new text raster improvements and fixes some problems related to mac OS 10.12 Sierra. This will hopefully also solve the problems some new users on Sierra were having with unlocking the full version.

Changes in 7.0.9
  • New Text baseline pivot option in the Transformation panel, letting you make nicer text rasters with character point shapes aligned on the baseline.
  • Fixes some mac OS 10.12.x (Sierra) problems

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Vectoraster 7 unlocking problems

It seems that something got broken in the recent 7.0.7 update, causing problems for some new users to unlock the full version after purchase. If you're having this problem with a "Null" error message, use the "Send feedback/bug report"-item in the Help menu to contact support and get help unlocking.

The problem only seems to affect some users who are trying to unlock the full version for the first time on 7.0.7 or 7.0.8, existing registered users can safely go ahead to update. Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully we'll get a new update out soon fixing the problem.


Vectoraster 7.0.8 released

Today a new free update patch for the vector halftone and raster pattern tool Vectoraster 7 was released. It is available to download for free or you can update from within the application.

The new version adds some new functionality to the raster distortions, including greater randomization control shown above, and fixes some bugs.

Changes in 7.0.8
  • The Randomize distortion now has a single direction mode, where you can randomize the points in a single direction specified by angle instead.
  • The Wave distortion now has an angle parameter, letting you set an angle for the waves separate to the raster rotation.
  • Some improved diagnostics and error checking code.
  • Improved stability on mac OS 10.9.x

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Vectoraster 7.0.7 update released

Today a small update of Vectoraster was released with a couple of changes and improvements.

  • Improvements to custom vector shape parsing, including basic SVG support.
  • Manual and sample files are now embedded in the application bundle, accessible via the Help menu, instead of being placed in the application folder.
  • Some minor interface and stability improvements.

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PatterNodes 1.8.2 released

Today a new update to the procedural vector graphics and pattern creation tool PatterNodes has been released.

Changes in version 1.8.2

  • Added basic (slightly experimental) support for importing SVG custom vector shapes.
  • Improved support for importing EPS custom vector shapes exported from Sketch.
  • Fixes a bug where adding a value node (like Multiply) on a value connection would sometimes result in an extra faulty node connection.
  • Fixes some interface bugs with scroll bars in the Node Editor view.

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Vectoraster 6 discontinued

Since the new version Vectoraster 7 has now been out for a good while, the old version Vectoraster 6 will no longer be available for sale or download for new users. Existing users can still re-download the software from the support pages if there is ever any need.


Vectoraster 7.0.6 released

A new small update to Vectoraster 7 was released today. It's a free update and the new version adds two new options to flip or invert the exported raster, useful when creating printing screens. It also fixes a bug where importing raster files from Vectoraster 5 or earlier would get the wrong raster size.

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