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PatterNodes 1.8.2 released

Today a new update to the procedural vector graphics and pattern creation tool PatterNodes has been released.

Changes in version 1.8.2

  • Added basic (slightly experimental) support for importing SVG custom vector shapes.
  • Improved support for importing EPS custom vector shapes exported from Sketch.
  • Fixes a bug where adding a value node (like Multiply) on a value connection would sometimes result in an extra faulty node connection.
  • Fixes some interface bugs with scroll bars in the Node Editor view.

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Vectoraster 6 discontinued

Since the new version Vectoraster 7 has now been out for a good while, the old version Vectoraster 6 will no longer be available for sale or download for new users. Existing users can still re-download the software from the support pages if there is ever any need.


Vectoraster 7.0.6 released

A new small update to Vectoraster 7 was released today. It's a free update and the new version adds two new options to flip or invert the exported raster, useful when creating printing screens. It also fixes a bug where importing raster files from Vectoraster 5 or earlier would get the wrong raster size.

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DotPass passwords reviews

Looking for a new solution for handling all your passwords? Maybe you got one of your accounts hacked and realized you use the same password for a lot of others?

Then DotPass (iOS and Mac) might be a good fit for you! Especially if you also like pretty patterns. And now you can take a look at these reviews to get a second opinion:

DotPass on Mac360

DotPass on AppAdvice

DotPass on Softpedia

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PatterNodes 1.8.1 released

Today a new smaller update to the node-based vector graphics application PatterNodes has been released.

Changes in version 1.8.1

  • Improved the random value node so that you can now specify increments/steps for the random values to be rounded to, like even multiples of 45 or 90 for angles.
  • Greatly improved responsiveness and memory management while exporting large/long animations.
  • Added a new warning message for when a node scales the output graphics to 0 size, making it disappear, which can be confusing in some cases and usually unintentional.

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Download packages updated

We've now updated the new signed download .dmg packages a little to resolve some problems and provide a smoother installation process.

If you were having problems downloading the Vectoraster 7.0.5 update the last few days, sorry about that and please try again now.


Vectoraster 7.0.5 released

Today a new free update to the vector raster graphics and pattern application Vectoraster 7 was released.

Changes in version 7.0.5

  • The new 'Intersecting lines' raster pattern replaces the previous 'Random lines' one, letting you make line raster grids with crossing lines as well as adding controlled randomization of the lines. This also fixes some bugs with offsetting the old random lines pattern.
  • New 'Spiral' raster pattern, similar to the radial raster, but with the points in a single spiraling line. Great for line rasters.
  • Further improvements to parsing custom vector point shapes.
  • Smaller .VRaster file sizes by compressing large embedded source images.

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PatterNodes 1.8.0 released

Today a new free update to the node-based vector graphics and pattern design application PatterNodes was released. The update adds a whole slew of smaller improvements and bugfixes aimed at making the software smoother to use and improving integration for copying and pasting vector graphics in/out of PatterNodes.

Changes in version 1.8.0

  • Improvements to pasting in vector graphics. PatterNodes will now attempt to extract information about stroke, fill and size to create a similar custom shape node if possible. There's also a new setting in the preferences if you prefer vector graphics to be pasted in as an image node instead.
  • The feature to automatically connect newly added element nodes is now a little smarter, connecting new element nodes to existing nodes where there is an empty Graphics socket if there is one. If not, the new node is connected directly to the output and the element is centered in the tile to be more visible.
  • Adding a new Array Split node on a connection now automatically connects both the A and B graphical outputs for you.
  • There is now a new Export setting where you can set if you want the copied output tile to be scaled to the current preview display scaling or not, as well as set if you want the copied vector output to be in mm or points.
  • Fixes a bug where element previews would sometimes render offset vertically on retina display systems.
  • Improvements to parsing custom vector graphics that are not closed shapes.
  • Fixes a rendering bug where imported vector graphics images would sometimes be rendered at low resolution in the preview if they were rotated.
  • Clicking a file export completed notification in the notification center now opens the enclosing folder in Finder so you can easily find the file.
  • Zoom changes and animation in full screen preview mode now properly respects if the repetition display opacity is set to 0.
  • Changed some warning messages to make more sense and be shown at more appropriate times.

Special thanks for all the input from the participants of the PatterNodes workshop at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy.

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Vectoraster 7.0.2 released

Today another small update of Vectoraster 7 was released, with some more fixes and improvements based on user feedback:

  • There is now a new Random seed parameter for each document that can be found in the document info panel. Changing this changes all random values in the raster to new ones if you want to try a different randomization.
  • Changed random varied density raster pattern slightly to avoid pattern striping in rasters with a lot of points.
  • The point removal size limit parameter is now scaled along with the other size parameters when using the Multi-scale tool.
  • Notification center message when file export completes, click it to show the new file in Finder.
  • Hue adjustments parameters for fill and stroke color are now in degrees in a +/-360 range instead of +/-1.

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Vectoraster 7.0.1 patch released

As always with big releases some little bugs make it through the testing. Today a small update to Vectoraster 7 was released fixing a couple of small such problems. Mainly with printing directly from Vectoraster not working and some interface layout scaling issues.

Happy rastering, have a nice weekend and stay tuned for future more feature-rich updates based on all the wonderful feedback and ideas we've got from you all after the release of Vectoraster 7.

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