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Patternodes 2 beta testing

The next major update of Patternodes, Patternodes 2, is now in development. You can download and purchase the current version here PatterNodes 1.

If you're interested in helping out as a beta tester you can use the form below to submit your name and e-mail. If you're selected you will be contacted when there is a beta ready to be tested.

Apply to be a beta tester using the field below, and you'll get contacted when there is a build to be tested. Patternodes 2 will require macOS 10.10 or later to run.


The new version will be an overhaul of most parts of the application, with the focus of making Patternodes more accessible to new users while at the same time adding new functionality to make it more powerful for existing users. Some of the main planned changes are listed below:

  • Fewer more versitile nodes. Many node types have been combined into more capable ones. This will let you do more with fewer nodes and make it easier to try new things and play around with the software without having to replace or add new nodes.
  • Improved usability. Many improvements to make the basic tasks of editing values and working with nodes and connections smoother and quicker.
  • New artboard node with layers. The old document and output nodes have been combined into a single Artboard output node with multiple output layers along with artboard size and settings.
  • Language and naming changes. Many concepts have been renamed to be more in line with industry standards and/or common language to make them easier to understand. For example, the old Transform nodes are now called Change nodes and the old Array Elements are now simply called Groups.
  • Change node apply-modes. Most of the nodes changing graphics (like changing color or transformation) now have built in support to toggle between applying their change to the group, each individual element in the group, or a selected subset of elements in the group. This replaces many array operation nodes and removes the need for a lot of splitting and combining you had to do in Patternodes 1.
  • More powerful nodes. More or less every node, for creating shapes, transforming or repeating elements have had little additions and improvements to enable new uses and improve existing functionality.
  • Improved performance. Quicker rendering and calculations.
  • Improved animation exports. Support for exporting longer animations at higher resolutions in more formats.