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Patternodes 2 beta testing

The next major update of Patternodes, Patternodes 2, is now in development. You can download and purchase the current version here PatterNodes 1.

The new version will be an overhaul of most parts of the application, with the focus of making Patternodes more accessible to new users while at the same time adding new functionality to make it more powerful for existing users. This process is still in a very early planning stage, so we don't have a list of changes or much in the way of screenshots yet. But as this develops more information will be added to this page.

If you're interested in helping out as a beta tester you can use the form below to submit your name and e-mail. If you're selected you will be contacted when there is a beta ready to be tested.

Apply to be a beta tester using the field below, and you'll get contacted when there is a build to be tested. Patternodes 2 will require macOS 10.10 or later to run.