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Online store

Our main Mac OS X products, Vectoraster and PatterNodes are shareware, this means you can download and try the software for free. However, until you pay for the software there will be some limitations to the functionality. When you purchase the software you get a license and a code that removes these limitations.

The purchase process is handled quickly and securely online by a company called Kagi. You can pay using any major Credit card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Purchase Order, Check, Money Order and even Cash. To proceede to the online store on the Kagi secure server click the button below. For our Mac and iOS apps, DotPass and Nice Dice, you'll have to purchase them through the Apple AppStore, there are links on the product pages.

Online store

When the payment has been processed you will receive your registration information in an e-mail labeled "Lost Minds Product Information For Purchase". You then enter this information into the application to unlock the full version.

For educational institutions there is a special offer for a Vectoraster, you can read more about it and purchase it here: Vectoraster Educational Site License.