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Create parametric designs, vector patterns and animations
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3D dice with nice graphics and lots of customization
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Pretty secure passwords with patterns
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Patternodes 3.1.0 released

Today a new substancial update of Patternodes 3 has been released. The new release adds a lot of improvements and new features to enable making data-driven illustrations and animations with the addition of CSV vale table imports, conditional group selection and conditional value nodes amongst other things. With the release new sample files have been added to the application bundle to show off these new features, as well as two new videos on the youtube channel.

New features and improvements:

  • New Value Table node lets you import and edit value tables and use in you node graph, enabling a lot of new data visualization usecases.
  • New Value Condition node lets you set up new complex logic rules for linked values.
  • New Condition mode in the Group Select node lets you select elements based on size or position rules.
  • New Value Function node replaces the Value Remap node and lets you remap value ranges with a lot more control using many different functions.
  • New data visualization and tutorial sample files added.
  • The Group Apply function node can now use element size as an input parameter.
  • Improved SVG import path parsing.
  • Updated Sparkle version checking and updates library.
  • Improved Import Node aspect correction when switching import mode or loading new graphics, and a restore original aspect context menu item as been added.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed Group Select node not working properly when input was a single element.
  • Fixed a bug where it would be impossible to delete nodes with Node index parameters if there were no change or repeater nodes.
  • Fixed Group Select node not displaying selection preview correctly if no elements were selected.
  • Fixed value function previews not updating as noise function parameters were changed.
  • Fixed drag highlight outline being shown on file areas even if the dragged file was not in a supported format.
  • Adjustments and corrections to some parameter tool tips and node help texts.
  • You can no longer (incorrectly) add animation tracks to math expression parameters.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.4.7 released

A new smaller update of Vectoraster 8 has now been released. This fixes some smaller issues after the recent macOS sandbox security update.

8.4.7 changes:
  • Fixed missing Print permission in sandbox entitlements.
  • Fixed drag highlight outline being shown on file areas even if the dragged file was not in a supported format.
  • Fixed incorrect disk write protection warning in the technical log.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.4.6 released

A new update of Vectoraster 8 has now been released. The primary change in this update is making Vectoraster a sandboxed application, a security measure that puts strict limitations on access to system features like file access. Everything should still work as before, but you might see a couple of extra confirmation dialogues at first about granting access if you export multiple files for example. In addition to just being better from a security perspective this change is also a step to ensure future macOS compatibility for when Apple decides to make this type of security mandatory for all applications.

8.4.6 changes:
  • Improved SVG custom point shape path mode imports.
  • Application Sandbox for improved security and future macOS compatibility.
  • Updated Sparkle version checking and updates library.

More info and download


Patternodes 3.0.9 released

Another new update of Patternodes 3 has been released with a couple of smaller improvements and fixes:

Changes and improvements:

  • The Change Color node can now be used to set fill or stroke color on elements with no fill or stroke opacity.
  • Added new preferences setting for default in/out easing type of new added keyframes.
  • Added some new warnings messages explaining some situations where Change Color and Change Opacity nodes will not show any visible change.
  • Fixes timeline animation track selection not updating correctly when deleting tracks.
  • Undoing deleting selected nodes now properly selects them again after restoring the nodes.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.4.5 released

An update of Vectoraster 8 has now been released. This new version brings adds new dithering raster patterns, GIF animation export support and a couple of other fixes and improvements.

8.4.5 changes:
  • Added three new dithering raster patterns: Burkes, Atkinson and Bayer 4x4.
  • Added support for exporting animations as animated GIFs.
  • Added new preferences setting for default in/out easing type of new added keyframes.
  • Fixed using trackpad pinch gestures to zoom in the preview.
  • Fixed some issues with the export progress bar during repeated animation exports.
  • Character point shape baseline pivot option is no longer turned on by default.

More info and download


Patternodes 3.0.8 released

Another small update of Patternodes 3 has been released with some additional little fixes and improvements:

Changes and improvements:

  • Nodes with a min-max value range (like the Apply Function node) now have a node menu option to quickly reverse the range.
  • Value parameter pairs with aspect locked no longer break the aspect ratio if you change the values to zero and back.
  • Fixes a bug in Change Pivot Node when calculating element group pivot points.
  • Fixes a bug when calculating element group pivot when changing element offsets in an already offset group.
  • Added warning and explanation if the Value Cap node is set to an invalid range of values.

More info and download

Tags DotPass

DotPass 1.5.5 update

An update to the password app DotPass (iOS and macOS) has now been released on the app store.

It's been a while since the last update, and this update contains some general maintenance along with a requested feature to allow using the generated DotPass password without special characters (like *&%! etc). You generate the password just like you usually do, but there's now a way to copy it with any special characters replaced with letters. This will usually not be needed, but if you run into a site that for some reason doesn't allow a special character that is in the password generated by DotPass this will give you a secondary way to still use DotPass for the password without needing to change your seed word or pattern.

If you're looks for a way to ensure all your accounts have good unique passwords, while still not having to remember them all, check it out!

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Patternodes 3.0.7 released

A new update of Patternodes 3 has been released with some fixes and a couple of improvements to the Element Text node:

Changes and improvements:

  • Added option to use Size as Font size instead of height for single characters in the Text Element node, and clarified how this works in text box mode and multi-charater texts.
  • Fixes custom blend modes not being applied correctly to path element strokes.
  • Fixes a Element Text node bug causing some characters (like *) not to be centered correctly in single character non-textbox mode.

More info and download


Patternodes 3.0.6 released

A new version of Patternodes 3 have been released with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Added an Import Image menu item as an alternative method of adding import nodes via selecting a file.
  • Fixes a crash when trying to apply a group pack node on a single element.
  • Fixes a bug where deleting a node with connections between parameters in the node would leave loose connections behind.
  • Fixes an issue where the locked aspect of recently imported image sizes would not be correct if the parameter was changed.
  • Added node warning messages explaining Group Distribute and Group Pack nodes have no effect with a single element input.
  • Fixes some formatting in the node reference and a bug showing parameter options in the help text that should be hidden.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.4.2 released

A new small update of Vectoraster 8 has been released. This update fixes some issues when exporting complex rasters with a lot of points to SVG or CSV data.

More info and download

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