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iOS 10.0 or macOS 10.9 or later
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Version 1.4.6 (2019-08-30)


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Version 1.4.6
for iOS 10.0 or macOS 10.9 or later

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This is a utility for generating and retrieving passwords. It lets you enter a graphical pattern using a 4x4 dot grid and a plain text seed word (like "facebook", "work email" or whatever makes sense to you), and then generates a password based on this unique combination. The idea is that these patterns and the plain seed words are much easier to remember than a good "random"-looking password.

As long as you enter the same pattern and seed word the generator will always output the same password. So as long as you remember the pattern you've chosen and your seed word, you can get your password back. But unlike other solutions your passwords are never stored on your device or sent over the net.


Pattern and plain text = password
An easy way to use DotPass is to design a secret line-pattern that you remember, and use this together with plain text seed words like "work email", "school" or "domain.com" to generate hard to guess different passwords for all your accounts.

This way all you need to remember is your pattern, and you'll be able to get your passwords back if you need them again. When it's time to change your passwords you can just pick a new pattern and generate new passwords for all your accounts using the same plain text seed words.

To make these passwords secure you must of course keep your pattern and seed words secret, just as you would with your password. If you are worried about someone looking over your shoulder you can use the privacy settings in the app to hide the pattern and seed after entry. For added security the app automatically resets the pattern and seed if left in the background more than two minutes.

Security discussion

For a more in-depth security discussion and answers to some common questions go to the:

DotPass security discussion


An iPhone/iPod/iPad with iOS 10.0 or later

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"This is a nifty new way to store passwords without actually storing a password."
"A lightweight and versatile password generator that enables you to create strong and complex passwords for your online accounts."
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