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Software license / End user agreement

This document describes the single user license for our software (Vectoraster and Patternodes) that you can purchase from us via lostminds.com. For purchases via other platforms such as the Apple App Store or Steam, please refer to these platforms for their terms.

Valid from 2016-10-19

Software use

Single user

Each user license grants a single user the right to use the software.


The software can be installed on multiple computers, as long as it is only used by a single user per license.

License transfer

You may transfer this right of use between different persons within the same organization, as long as there is only one user at a time for each user license. However, you may not sell or otherwise transfer this license to any other party without the express permission of Lost Minds Software.

Updates and upgrades

Free minor version updates

The license includes free access to updates of the same major version of the software (as in Vectoraster 8.x.x if you have a license for Vectoraster 8) for as long as such updates are released.

Reduced price major version upgrades

The license will also qualify you for a reduced price upgrade if a new major version of the software is released (as in Vectoraster 8 if you have a license for Vectoraster 7).


Access to support

Help and support can be accessed via lostminds.com/support or help features within the software, including e-mail contact with the developers.

No guarantee

The software is provided as is, with no guarantee to work for any particular purpose or run on any current or future platform. Instead a free trial version of the software is available, enabling you to evaluate if the software is fit for your purposes before purchasing a license.

Data collection and storage

To keep track of software usage and license status information about each license is saved on our servers, including some limited customer information such as given name and e-mail.

The software periodically connects to our servers to make sure the license is still valid and check for updates. At the same time some software and system information is logged to keep track of software usage.

More details on data collection and use can be found at:
Privacy and data collection