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Privacy and data collection

On this page you can read about what data we collect about website visitors and users of our software and how we use it.

Website visitors

To log website traffic we use the open source analytics package Matomo on our server (so no external big data analytics), by using the cookies _pk_id and _pk_ses. It tracks:

This also detects and respects your browser's "do not track" settings, and if you have that enabled your visit will not be logged.

This website visitor data is only used by us to see what pages people visit to track product popularity, if we get visitors or sales from specific campaigns and to detect broken links or other problems. It's not sold to any third party or used in any other way.

YouTube integration
Some pages have embedded YouTube video content, this means YouTube (Google) might track you in ways that are beyond our control. However, there are no other social media third-party integrations like twitter or facebook that might track you on our site.

Paddle payment/store integration
The product pages also have integrated payment processing using a platform called Paddle. This means they may potentally track you as well, for example to keep track of returning customers or aborted transactions, using cookies starting with paddlejs_. You can find their data useage information here.

Mac product purchases and software use

Purchases (non App Store)

For the licenses you purchase directly from this website we use a platform called Paddle to handle all our payments. The data they collect is generally not accessible to us, but they likely track the IP and entered information to detect fraud and process the purchases. You can find their data useage information here.

To keep track of these licenses our end we then get the following information that we keep in our license system:

This information is used to allow people with licenses to unlock the full version of the software, to manage transfers, refunds and other changes of the licenses. We sometimes use the e-mail addresses to send out information about major product updates, but we do this very rarely and there is a system to opt out.

Software usage (non App Store)

In addition to the basic license information the license system also records some user data when the software checks if a license is valid (when the software is unlocked, after updating to a new version and in some other cases):

This information is primarily used to monitor product usage, to see how many users update, and what macOS versions our users use. This helps us detect problems (like a new version not being compatible with a certain macOS version) and to investigate user license problems. In addition this information can be used to detect suspicious activity patterns and and prevent attempts to use the software without a valid license. This only applies to the non-app store version, no data is collected by us from the App Store versions.

App Store product purchases and users

All app purchases via the Apple App Store (or Steam) are handled these platforms exclusively. This is beyond our control, and the analytics and information we get access to is all anonymized and usually aggregated on a group level.

You can read more on the Apple privacy page.

Game score data

Online highscore leaderboard

For games with an online highscore leaderboard the games we store the score, level, game version and platform you submit. This is stored linked to an id assigned to your game installation. This id is not linked to your identity, and just used to keep track of your scores. The data is used only to generate the online leaderboard and get your ranking, and the game version and platform is used internally for analytics to see usage patterns.

Questions and data removal

To sum things up, if you are just a visitor to this website you might have left some trail, but it will not be easily linked to you or contain any personal information about you that we can find and remove.

If you have a license for one of our products we have some information about you and your use of this product as detailed above. If you want us to remove any or all of this data you can contact us using the address below and we will do so. However, if we remove the license information you will no longer be able to use the software.

If you have any questions send a message to:
support [replace with at] lostminds (dot)com.