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Version 1.1.5 (2023-12-19)
For iOS, macOS, windows and linux
iOS and macOS
App Store ($0.99)

Windows and Linux
Steam ($0.99)

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Vlobs Icon
Version 1.1.5
for iOS, macOS, windows and linux or later


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Vlobs is a relaxing casual puzzle game where you build groups of colorful blobs (vlobs) that connect to each other in specific ways. Figure out the mechanics and see how far you can go before you fill up the board. Get far enough and you'll encounter new colors, new mechanics, mysterious powers and maybe even unlock a second game mode.


  • Nice connecting colorful blobs, sometimes with dots on them.
  • Satisfying and (mildly) addictive gameplay.
  • Sound and music.
  • Combo multipliers to chain big scores.
  • Local highscores and online global leaderboard!
  • Multiple levels with increasing complexity and a few surprises.
  • Unlockable second game mode.
  • No ads, no microstransaction.
  • Cross plattform support for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux.

Reviews and sites

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MintCity video review
Youtube video review
"One of the most clever puzzle games I've played in recent memory, if not ever."
Steam review
Player review
"Only a few matches in and I can easily say I really love this game. It is a simplistic puzzle game that grows in difficulty as you go..."
148 Apps
Review (iOS)
"Vlobs injects some much-needed freshness into the matching puzzle genre. It may not always be entirely clear about its rules and it has some limitations as to its mobile-friendliness, but there's plenty to enjoy about it regardless."
App Store review (macOS)
Player review
"What an amazing puzzler.
It's super worth playing, you'll love every second of it!"
App Store review (iOS)
Player review
"I love chill little indie games and this is a perfect chill out game."
Review (iOS)
"If you're a fan of high score chasers without any grinding or other nonsense, Vlobs is an easy recommendation."
Steam review
Player review
"I LOVE making a long chain of blobs - it is satisfying."
Itch.io reviews
Player comment
"This is super relaxing and makes me want to play "just one more round"!"
Google Play review
Player review
"Without a doubt my new addiction. The graphics are great and I absolutely love the level transitions..."

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