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Vectoraster 8

Create custom vector halftones and animated raster effects
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Patternodes 3

Create parametric designs, vector patterns and animations
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Pretty secure passwords with patterns
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Relaxing puzzle game with a unique mechanic
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Dice Bag

3D dice with nice graphics and lots of customization
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Patternodes 3.3.0 released

A new update of Patternodes 3 has been released. This time it's a feature update with some new features for repeating and replacing elements in designs.

The inspiration to some of these new features comes from our new parametric design project Paragraphic, check it out at paragraphic.design and follow it's development if you're interested.

New features and improvements:

  • New Repeat Function node, allowing you to repeat elements with a transformation similar to the Apply Function node. This makes it a lot more convenient to make some gradual scale or offset transforms and adds greater control.
  • New Select from group option in the Replace node, allowing you to select the replacement element from an input group instead of using the entire group. This makes it much easier to make patterns with mixed elements without needing Element lists. Just connect all your elements to the replace node and set how to select the replacement from the group.
  • Pack and Element info nodes now have an Ignore stroke option to get size and pack elements disregarding and stroke width.
  • Fixed function period offsets still being applied even if the change periods option was unchecked.
  • Change node apply to Single selection now works with negative offsets as well as positive.
  • Fixed some macOS 14 UI layout issues.
  • Improved export file writing error handling.
  • Fixed some incorrect warnings in disabled nodes.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.5.11 released

A new update of Vectoraster 8 has now been released, fixing some UI issues and restoring the use to dynamic values for some optional parameters.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixes not being able to dynamically vary optional parameters like additional point scaling and additional point rotation.
  • Fixes tabbing between min/max value fields for newly enabled dynamic varied parameters.

You can download and update from free from within Vectoraster, or download the new version via the product page linked below. If you've bought the app via the Apple App Store the update should be rolling out there as well today.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8 now available on the App Store

With the 8.5.10 update released today Vectoraster is now also available to purchase on the macOS App Store:

Get Vectoraster 8 on App Store

The application will still be available to purchase outside of the App Store as well and this change should not affect the functionality of the application. Future updates will continue to be released both the App Store and non-App Store version, so you'll get the same functionality regardless of version. It will however not be possible to convert an App Store purchase to a license for the non-App Store version or the other way around.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.5.9 released

A small update of Vectoraster 8 has now been released. This update fixes some minor compatibility issues with macOS 14 and addresses some sanbox file-access related issues some users have been experiencing.

You can download and update from free from withing Vectoraster or download the new version via the product page linked below.

More info and download


SketchFighter 4000 Alpha v1.2.7 and v1.2.8 updates

A pair of small updates have now been released for SketchFighter 4000 Alpha, this update mainly fixes some issues where the game would run too fast on some new macs with high or variable refresh rate displays.

  • Fix for the game running too fast on high refresh rate monitors on M1/M2 macs
  • Minimum OS requirement is now macOS 10.13. Users with older macOS versions can just keep using 1.2.6 this is just related to fixing the issue above on newer macs.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.5.8 released

A new update of Vectoraster 8 has now been released. This update modernizes some underlying file reading and writing code that should improve future (and current) compatibility and might get around some tricky permission issues. Along with this there are a couple of other little fixes and improvements.

Changes and improvements

  • Fix generation of innermost spiral raster points when generating line rasters.
  • New setting to automatically convert background color colorspace to match point color (for CMYK exports for example).
  • Add clipping rect to exported SVGs.
  • Changes to export file writing and saving APIs.
  • Changes to file reading handling when importing source files APIs.

More info and download


Paragraphic prototype development

I've been working for a while on a new parametric graphic design project that I'm calling Paragraphic. It will aim to combine some of the key ideas and strengths of Vectoraster and Patternodes, but wrapped in a slightly more traditional UI, and crucially available cross-platfrom for both Windows, macOS and linux.

It's still very early in the development, but as a sort of experiment I've decided to start a development blog of sorts for the project. Inspired in part by some indie-game developers it'll feature progress reports on the development and some discussions about the thinking behind the structure of the app.

If you want to learn more about this project or and follow the development going forward, click below. You can also sign up already if you're interested in helping out as a tester during development, or just getting a notification when the app is eventually released.

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Vlobs 1.1.5 update

A new update to the puzzle game Vlobs, has now been released just in time for the holidays. While the previous updates only targeted the mobil version, this one now brings all platforms up to date on both mobile and desktop, Apple App store and Steam.

Changes and improvements:

  • Improved bomb and block clearing special effects.
  • Added leaderboard row for the player ranked one step above your score, so you know what to beat to advance.
  • Added billions score number format separator and adjusted leaderboard layout to fit higher scores (Wow Player#503!).
  • Fixed issue with global leaderboard ranking not being shown correctly unless you were in the top 20.
  • Separated fancy graphics setting into individual antialiasing, shadow quality, post-processing and particle settings.
  • Continuing a game with the current best score will no longer show the new best score effect each time.
  • Fix combo tiles sometimes being incorrectly rotated when continuing a game on a rotated level.
  • Game now defaults to windowed mode instead of full screen on first launch.

You can the game on all kinds of platforms using the buttons below, or click read more to get more information.

Get Vlobs on the App Store (iOS, macOS)
Get Vlobs on Steam (windows and linux)

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Vectoraster 8.5.7 released

A new small update of Vectoraster 8 has now been released. This is another small update that fixes some UI issues in recent versions and macOS updates.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.5.6 released

A new update of Vectoraster 8 has now been released. This is a smaller update that primarily fixes some issues on macOS 14.

Changes and improvements

  • Fix issue with collapsed bottom UI panels still showing on macOS 14.
  • Improved load times for files with large source images.
  • Removed deprecated EPS export format on macOS 14 and later (still available on earlier macOS versions).

More info and download

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