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Vectoraster 8

Create custom vector halftones and animated raster effects
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Patternodes 3

Create parametric designs, vector patterns and animations
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Pretty secure passwords with patterns
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Relaxing puzzle game with a unique mechanic
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Dice Bag

3D dice with nice graphics and lots of customization
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Vectoraster 8.5.4 released

A new update of Vectoraster 8 has now been released. This adds some new functionality with support for complaxe unicode characters in text rasters (like SF symbols and ligatures) and some new point index options where you can chose to vary raster parameters based on the row or columns in the raster pattern for some new interesting effects.

Changes and improvements

  • Added new point Row, Column or Row+Column index source options, letting you base parameters on the row or column of the point.
  • Added support for complex multi-byte unicode characters like SF symbols and ligatures in text rasters.
  • Added Lost Minds Mastodon link to Help menu.
  • Added some more helpful information to error messages when failing to load files.
  • Fix issue with importing vector graphics with very large sizes causing memory issues.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.5.3 released

Another smaller patch of Vectoraster 8 has now been released with some fixes and smaller changes, this time relating to file imports.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixes issue with incorrect physical sizes when importing image source layers.
  • Better error messages on file access permission issues when importing files.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.5.2 released

Another smaller patch of Vectoraster 8 has now been released with some bugfixes and smaller changes.

Fixes and improvements

  • Point size is now renamed Line length for simple line points.
  • Properly deactivate color well and close the color picker when hiding an active color parameter.
  • Fixes the preview sometimes not reverting correctly back to the current time after exporting an animation.
  • Fixes an issue where the source layers list would not display correctly after reordering sources.
  • Fixes some precision issues in applied Multiscale when using the slider instead of the scale field.
  • Sparkle version checking framework updated.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.5.1 released

A smaller patch of Vectoraster 8 has now been released. This updates some legacy components for future compatibility and fixes some issues introduced in the 8.5.0 update.

Changes and improvements

  • Updates components for future compatibility, raising minimum required macOS version to 10.15.
  • Fixes a bug where animation exports would not correctly apply a scaled export size.
  • Fixes using the animation export panel size slider while the height or width field is active.

Vectoraster 8 now requires macOS 10.15 or later to run.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.5.0 released

A new bigger update of Vectoraster 8 has now been released. The new version brings support for multiple custom point shapes, something that has been requested for a long time. So now you can use a set of different imported shapes or images for the points, and use them in sequence, at random or based on your sources. Along with this the backend has also been rebuilt a little to make rendering and generation more responsive along with a bunch of other improvements and fixes.

Vectoraster 8.5.0 Changes and improvements

  • Multiple custom shape support use different imported point shapes based on sources, index or at random.
  • Improved generation/rendering with better performance, responsiveness and stability.
  • Source opacity point removal with a new alpha threshold parameter. Makes it easy to remove points regardless of size where the source image is transparent.
  • Animated GIF import support for Video source layers.
  • Point fill opacity can now be applied to bitmap custom shapes as well.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug with Multi-scale where clicking Apply button while typing in a value would not apply the scale.
  • Fixed an issue with quicktime video exports dropping frames if the encoder was busy.
  • Fixed a bug where animation export panel size fields would show the wrong values.
  • Fixed a bug where some settings would reset when re-opening the settings panel.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.4.11 update

Another small update of Vectoraster 8 has been released today. This update fixes a couple of issues with bitmap based format exports and makes the animation timeline a little easier to work with.

Bug fixes
  • Fixes a bug with jpg export pixel aspect.
  • Fixes an export dialogue bug whith bitmap format height/width would not be displayed correctly.
  • Clicking in the animation timeline now deselects any selected value field, so you can use spacebar to play/pause.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.4.10 update

A small update of Vectoraster 8 has been released today. This update is just a bug fix to a bundle validation issue that caused an error message when trying to start v8.4.9 on some systems.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.4.9 released

A new update of Vectoraster 8 has now been released. This update updates SVG support, fixes some bugs and adds a nice new convenience feature to re-center source layers when updating the document size.

8.4.9 Changes and improvements

  • Improved SVG image mode imports/rendering (Upgrade to IJSVG 3.0 framework).
  • Added an option to re-center centered source layers on document size change, making it easier to resize a document to a new source image.
  • Added link to user Discord channel in Help menu.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed being able to select the source measurement channel parent item in the parameter sources menu and not just the items.
  • Removed a tooltip in the sources menu that was interfering with selecting items in submenus.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.4.8 released

A new update of Vectoraster 8 has now been released. This update makes a number of small improvements and fixes a lot of issues related to converting/importing more complex projects from Vectoraster 7.

8.4.8 Changes and improvements

  • Optimized Randomization distortion.
  • Improved generation and rendering progress updates for long processes.
  • Updated manual and bundled sample files.
  • Improved conversion of legacy source measurement exponent parameters when importing Vectoraster 7 files.
Bug fixes
  • Fixes a bug with dynamic distortion strength parameters in rasters with raster offset.
  • Fixes initial loading preview image incorrect aspect for zoomed in rasters.
  • Fixes source color/light filterers not being applied when the document legacy blur setting was enabled.
  • Fixes an issue with converting some dynamic distrortion strength settings from legacy Vectoraster 7 files.
  • Fixes an issue with importing legacy Vectoraster 7 files with invalid incremental step parameters.
  • Fixes an issue with importing use source color mix parameters from legacy Vectoraster 7 files.
  • Fixes an issue with converting separate Y spacing in alternating grid legacy Vectoraster 7 files.

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Vectoraster and Patternodes user Discord

Some users have started a Discord channel for users of Vectoraster and Patternodes.

So if you're interested in discussing the apps, looking for help or want to connect with other users with check it out: Vectoraster and Patternodes discord

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