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Bug reports, ideas and feedback

Answers to the most common questions and solutions to common problems can be found in the information on this page.

If you encounter any bugs, have feedback, questions or suggestion for some improvement, please let us know.

Contact support

Patternodes or Vectoraster consulting

If you have an idea for a Patternodes or Vectoraster project you'd like more hands on help with, we can help.

Custom project consulting

Purchasing information

Questions about buying licenses

If you have problems or questions regarding purchasing Vectoraster or Patternodes you can find more information about that here.

Purchasing information

Windows users

A common question is if there are Windows compatible versions of Patternodes or Vectoraster. The answer to this is no, and it's very unlikely these specific products will ever be ported to Windows.

However, for this and other reasons we're considering developing a new platfrom independent web-app with similar functionality, you can vote and sign up if you're interested in that here.

If you do not have access to a macOS computer, an alternative in the meantime could be cloud-based services such as MacWeb, MacInCloud or others that let you access a macOS system remotely.

Legacy downloads

Users of old versions of Vectoraster or Patternodes that are no longer offered for sale can find more information about how to download these here.

Legacy downloads

License questions

Lost license code

If you've lost your license code for Vectoraster or Patternodes, you can get it back using the e-mail address you used to purchase the software.

Lost code retrieval

License code not working

If you're having problems unlocking the software with your license code, try the following steps:

If it still doesn't work, contact support and we'll try to figure our what is going wrong.

Contact support

Vectoraster and Patternodes license information

If you have other questions about the license for Vectoraster or Patternodes, regarding updates and upgrades, installation, education licenses etc you can find that here.

License information

Patternodes and Vectoraster use

Manuals, sample files and videos

You can read basic information about how to use these applications on the product pages for Vectoraster 7 and Patternodes, where you can also find some instruction videos on youtube with tips and inspiration.

Second, both Patternodes and Vectoraster have extensive user manuals and sample files to let your read and experiment. In Patternodes there is also a built-in reference describing all node types with links to examples. You can access all these from the Help-menu in the applications.

YouTube videos



For the security utility DotPass there is a quite detailed security discussion where both use and more technical aspects are described. On the same page there is also a list of answers to common questions.

DotPass security and use

Data collection and usage

For details on what visitor and user data we collect and how we use it you can find more information here:

Privacy and data collection