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Create custom vector halftones and animated raster effects
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Create parametric designs, vector patterns and animations
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Pretty secure passwords with patterns
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Relaxing puzzle game with a unique mechanic
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3D dice with nice graphics and lots of customization
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Patternodes 3.3.0 released

A new update of Patternodes 3 has been released. This time it's a feature update with some new features for repeating and replacing elements in designs.

The inspiration to some of these new features comes from our new parametric design project Paragraphic, check it out at paragraphic.design and follow it's development if you're interested.

New features and improvements:

  • New Repeat Function node, allowing you to repeat elements with a transformation similar to the Apply Function node. This makes it a lot more convenient to make some gradual scale or offset transforms and adds greater control.
  • New Select from group option in the Replace node, allowing you to select the replacement element from an input group instead of using the entire group. This makes it much easier to make patterns with mixed elements without needing Element lists. Just connect all your elements to the replace node and set how to select the replacement from the group.
  • Pack and Element info nodes now have an Ignore stroke option to get size and pack elements disregarding and stroke width.
  • Fixed function period offsets still being applied even if the change periods option was unchecked.
  • Change node apply to Single selection now works with negative offsets as well as positive.
  • Fixed some macOS 14 UI layout issues.
  • Improved export file writing error handling.
  • Fixed some incorrect warnings in disabled nodes.

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Patternodes 3.2.3 released

A new update of Patternodes 3 has been released. This update is a maintenance release fixing some issues and making smaller adjustments.

Changes and fixes:

  • Some improvements to connection socket snapping and highlighting of suitable sockets.
  • Fix a rare issue where it would be impossible to add connections to specific valid node sockets.
  • You can now no longer connect node graphics connections to inputs/outputs in the same node, avoiding the infinite recursion error you'd get before when trying to do this.
  • Fixed nodes created with drag and drop files would not align properly to grid snap.
  • Removed deprecated EPS export format option that is no longer supported on macOS 14 and later (still available on older versions).

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macOS 14 EPS format support dropped

It appears that Apple has removed system support for the EPS format in macOS 14 Sonoma, which means that sadly importing or exporting EPS files in Vectoraster and Patternodes will no longer work on macOS 14.

This was unexpected, so unfortunately current versions of Vectoraster and Patternodes will not give you any warning about this and may behave erratically trying to load/save EPS data as they relied on these system features. It's unlikely EPS format support will come back at this time, so if you're still working with EPS files, now is a good time to switch over to SVG or PDF.

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Patternodes 3.2.2 released

A new update of Patternodes 3 has been released. This update is a maintenance release fixing some issues and making smaller adjustments.

Changes and fixes:

  • Fix issue with importing vector graphics with very large sizes causing memory issues.
  • Fix Group Arrange node not arranging elements with change mode set to a selection instead of all elements.
  • Fix incorrect text size in Element Text nodes imported from Patternodes 2 files.
  • Improved handling of file access errors on import.
  • Added Lost Minds Mastodon link to Help menu.

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Patternodes 3.2.1 released

A new update of Patternodes 3 has been released. This update adds a number of smaller improvements and fixes across a number of areas.

Changes and improvements:

  • The Group Arrange node can now sort elements based on size.
  • Improved precision hovering and clicking connections in the node editor.
  • Dropped/imported graphics are now get their physical size set automatically in the new node.
  • Improved error messages on file access permission issues when importing files.
  • Correctly handle complex unicode-pair characters (like SF symbols) in the Value Substring node.
  • Fix incorrect size issue on scaled animated svg exports.
  • Fix incorrect physical size shown for imported vector graphics.
  • Fix animated artboard background being static in animated svg exports.
  • Fix Edit menu Copy artboard bitmap copying vector graphics.
  • Remove incorrect file permission dialogue when exporting animated svg file.

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Patternodes 3.2.0 released

A new update of Patternodes 3 has been released. This new version adds new string connections and some new associated nodes, letting you connect and work with strings and text in a lot of new ways.

Changes and improvements:

  • String value connections allow you to now connect text string values between nodes and parameters just like values.
  • New Value String node to define and combine linked strings.
  • New Value Substring node to extract parts of strings.
  • The Data Table node can now also output strings for table cells.
  • New editor context menu item to center the nodes in the view, and an option in the settings to always do this on file load.
  • Element Text node can now use both size modes and tracking adjustment for any length text for better consistency with dynamic text input.
  • Updates some components for future compatibility, raising minimum required macOS version to 10.15.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixes a bug in the Table data editor panel when toggling the first row headers option while editing a table cell.
  • Stroke width is now included in path bounds calculations when set, even if stroke opacity is 0.

Patternodes 3 now requires macOS 10.15 or later to run.

More info and download


Patternodes 3.1.4 released

Another update of Patternodes 3. This new version adds a new node that helps making periodic alternating value animations much easier to set up along with some other fixes and improvements.

Changes and improvements:

  • New Time Period value node making it easier to set up periodic alternating value animations.
  • Group Apply Function node now has an index offset parameter when unsing index input.
  • Increased the max number of supported variables in the Math node to 10.
  • Added a warning to GIF animation exports explaining some format framerate limitations.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with quicktime video exports dropping frames if the encoder was busy.
  • Fixed a crash when adding a new node index node directly connected to a group apply function node.

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Patternodes 3.1.3 released

Another smaller update of Patternodes 3. The new version fixes a couple of issues in the new expression variable parsing introduced in 3.1.2 along with a couple of other smaller fixes and improvements.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Added an option to Pivot point node to ignore stoke when automatically aligning the pivot, useful for stroked elements that will later be scaled.
  • Fixed an offset issue with pivot-offset elements reprated with the Radial repeater node.
  • Fixes the Math node variable detection picking up decimal separators in expressions as variable names.
  • Updated and corrected the Math node reference documentation.
  • Fixed dark mode selection type icons.

More info and download


Patternodes 3.1.2 released

Another update of Patternodes 3 has been released. The this new version adds some imrpovements to SVG imports and rendering and adds some long awaited flexibility to the Math node variable parameters. These now adapt automatically to the variable count and names you use in the expression.

New features and improvements:

  • Math Node now has support for up to 8 variable parameters that are automatically named and shown based on the expression.
  • Improved SVG image mode imports/rendering (Upgrade to IJSVG 3.0 framework).
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug where typing in new values into an animated value field would revert the value displayed in the field.
  • Fixed bug with undo/redo in expression parameter fields.
  • Fixed a bug with some rare SVG path commands parsing.

More info and download


Patternodes 3.1.1 released

Today another update of Patternodes 3 has been released. This new version makes some changes to the way colors are handled, with better support for non-rgb colors (like CMYK and Grayscale), but mainly it fixes a lot of big and small bugs.

New features and improvements:

  • Better color model support. Color parameters can now be set and stored in different colorspaces/models (like Grayscale and CMYK) instead of always being converted to RGB and losing precision. This will also mean some exported colors will look different compared to older versions, so there is an option added in the settings to keep the old conversion to get the same output.
  • Made it easier to find the Value Time function node by also placing it in a new Animation category in the add node menu.
  • You can now use middle-mouse button for panning in the preview just like in the node editor view.
  • Updated manual.
  • Added link to user Discord channel in the Help menu.
Bug fixes:
  • Some fixes and improvements to the Color node numeric color mode based on the new color model features.
  • Fixed dragging a selection box outside of the node editor not scrolling it correctly.
  • Fixed the cursor not resetting properly after middle-mouse button panning of the node editor view.
  • Fixed issue where right-clicking a second time after dragging out a new connection would leave a broken connection with a loose end.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to duplicate the Artboart node, causing issues since there should only be one and it can't be deleted.
  • Stability improvement and better error messages if something goes wrong during file exports.
  • Stability improvement and better error messages when trying to save files that have invalid connections or nodes.

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Vectoraster and Patternodes user Discord

Some users have started a Discord channel for users of Vectoraster and Patternodes.

So if you're interested in discussing the apps, looking for help or want to connect with other users with check it out: Vectoraster and Patternodes discord

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Patternodes 3.1.0 released

Today a new substancial update of Patternodes 3 has been released. The new release adds a lot of improvements and new features to enable making data-driven illustrations and animations with the addition of CSV vale table imports, conditional group selection and conditional value nodes amongst other things. With the release new sample files have been added to the application bundle to show off these new features, as well as two new videos on the youtube channel.

New features and improvements:

  • New Value Table node lets you import and edit value tables and use in you node graph, enabling a lot of new data visualization usecases.
  • New Value Condition node lets you set up new complex logic rules for linked values.
  • New Condition mode in the Group Select node lets you select elements based on size or position rules.
  • New Value Function node replaces the Value Remap node and lets you remap value ranges with a lot more control using many different functions.
  • New data visualization and tutorial sample files added.
  • The Group Apply function node can now use element size as an input parameter.
  • Improved SVG import path parsing.
  • Updated Sparkle version checking and updates library.
  • Improved Import Node aspect correction when switching import mode or loading new graphics, and a restore original aspect context menu item as been added.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed Group Select node not working properly when input was a single element.
  • Fixed a bug where it would be impossible to delete nodes with Node index parameters if there were no change or repeater nodes.
  • Fixed Group Select node not displaying selection preview correctly if no elements were selected.
  • Fixed value function previews not updating as noise function parameters were changed.
  • Fixed drag highlight outline being shown on file areas even if the dragged file was not in a supported format.
  • Adjustments and corrections to some parameter tool tips and node help texts.
  • You can no longer (incorrectly) add animation tracks to math expression parameters.

More info and download


Patternodes 3.0.9 released

Another new update of Patternodes 3 has been released with a couple of smaller improvements and fixes:

Changes and improvements:

  • The Change Color node can now be used to set fill or stroke color on elements with no fill or stroke opacity.
  • Added new preferences setting for default in/out easing type of new added keyframes.
  • Added some new warnings messages explaining some situations where Change Color and Change Opacity nodes will not show any visible change.
  • Fixes timeline animation track selection not updating correctly when deleting tracks.
  • Undoing deleting selected nodes now properly selects them again after restoring the nodes.

More info and download


Patternodes 3.0.8 released

Another small update of Patternodes 3 has been released with some additional little fixes and improvements:

Changes and improvements:

  • Nodes with a min-max value range (like the Apply Function node) now have a node menu option to quickly reverse the range.
  • Value parameter pairs with aspect locked no longer break the aspect ratio if you change the values to zero and back.
  • Fixes a bug in Change Pivot Node when calculating element group pivot points.
  • Fixes a bug when calculating element group pivot when changing element offsets in an already offset group.
  • Added warning and explanation if the Value Cap node is set to an invalid range of values.

More info and download


Patternodes 3.0.7 released

A new update of Patternodes 3 has been released with some fixes and a couple of improvements to the Element Text node:

Changes and improvements:

  • Added option to use Size as Font size instead of height for single characters in the Text Element node, and clarified how this works in text box mode and multi-charater texts.
  • Fixes custom blend modes not being applied correctly to path element strokes.
  • Fixes a Element Text node bug causing some characters (like *) not to be centered correctly in single character non-textbox mode.

More info and download


Patternodes 3.0.6 released

A new version of Patternodes 3 have been released with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Added an Import Image menu item as an alternative method of adding import nodes via selecting a file.
  • Fixes a crash when trying to apply a group pack node on a single element.
  • Fixes a bug where deleting a node with connections between parameters in the node would leave loose connections behind.
  • Fixes an issue where the locked aspect of recently imported image sizes would not be correct if the parameter was changed.
  • Added node warning messages explaining Group Distribute and Group Pack nodes have no effect with a single element input.
  • Fixes some formatting in the node reference and a bug showing parameter options in the help text that should be hidden.

More info and download


Patternodes 3.0.5 released

A new updates of Patternodes 3 have been released, with some additional fixes and improvements:

  • When a node has a warning related to missing input or output connections the socket now gets a visual mark to help show where the problem is.
  • Changed preferences interface so changes are applied immediately.
  • Fixes an error message about incorrectly triggering on exports.
  • Added some improved error messages for export issues.

More info and download


Patternodes 3.0.3 and 3.0.4 updates

Two small updates of Patternodes 3 have been released, with some additional fixes and improvements:

  • Fixes issues with Change Clip node not correctly being able to invert some clipping paths.
  • Fixes value parameters sometimes staying disabled after input connections are removed.
  • The Change Clip node now doesn't show the Apply To mode control since it's not relevant.
  • Smoother handling of remotely deployed license unlocking, not showing the trial mode notice while the license is verified.
  • Prevents a flicker of node warning messages as new nodes are added on connections.
  • Fixes a Random Value node issue where the min value would be left disabled after off turning +/- range.

Thanks to everyone sending feedback, reporting bugs and issues so we can get them fixed!

More info and download


Patternodes 3.0.2

Today another small update of the new Patternodes 3 has been released, with some additional fixes:

  • Fixes incorrect size of exported SVG elements when exporting with a scaled export size.
  • Fixed a crash using apply to Single mode in Change Replace node.
  • Fixes an issue where exported GIF animations would sometimes get incorrect color palettes on macOS 11 and earlier.
  • Optimization of value function graph UI updates.

More info and download


Patternodes 3.0.1 and 2.4.13 updates

After the release of Patternodes 3 and the influx of new and upgrading users there's now a first little update fixing some issues with the new version. There's also a new update of Patternodes 2 now available, backporting a couple of bugfixes found during the development of Patternodes 3, to ensure that Patternodes 2 is a stable as possible for the users who want to keep using that.

3.0.1 Fixes:

  • Fixes macOS App Sandbox blocking file system access to export animations as numbered files in some cases.
  • Fixes Repeat Grid node spacing aspect in Hex pattern mode while allowing still input.
  • Fixes clicking disabled parameter fields still selecting them for preview edit.
  • Fixed Change Pivot node not correctly finding automatic pivot locations for some asymmetrical shapes.

More info and download


Patternodes 3 released

The third generation of the macOS parametric design application Patternodes has now been released. Click below for more information, or download and try it out for free now!

Patternodes is a tool for creating graphical patterns, animations or illustrations. This is done using a node-based interface where you define a sequence of connected nodes that describe the design, each representing graphical elements, changes or repetitions.

Main changes and new features of Patternodes 3

  • Improved animation features. New keyframe-based Animation timeline and new Time Function node for animated noise and repeating functions.
  • Improved drag editing. Improved support for selecting and editing node parameters by clicking and dragging in the preview.
  • Redesigned interface. Cleaned up modern interface style with support for dark/light mode and animations.
  • Improved performance. Rebuilt core components for faster generation and a more responsive interface.
  • Redesigned dynamic index features. Clarified system for generating dynamic input to nodes.

For a full change list see the Version history

More info and download


Patternodes 3 in beta testing

Patternodes 3, the next generation of the node based procedural 2D-graphics app Patternodes is now in beta testing.

Main changes and new features

  • Improved animation features. New keyframe-based Animation timeline and new Time Function node for animated noise and repeating functions.
  • Improved drag editing. Improved support for selecting and editing node parameters by clicking and dragging in the preview.
  • Redesigned interface. Cleaned up modern interface style with support for dark/light mode and animations.
  • Improved performance. Rebuilt core components for faster generation and a more responsive interface.
  • Redesigned dynamic index features. Clarified system for generating dynamic input to nodes.

You can find out more and sign up to be a tester or get notified on release at lostminds.com/patternodes3.

More info and download

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