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Sketchfighter 4000 Alpha revival

Back in 2006 we developed the top down exploration shooter/metroidvania Sketchfighter 4000 Alpha together with Ambrosia Software. The game hasn't been updated for many years, and since Ambrosia is now gone it's hard/impossible to get your hands on the game or run it, and since the Ambrosia license system is down you can't unlock the full version even if you manage to download or own it.

As mentioned on Reddit I've been thinking of trying to revive the game and make it playable on modern macOS again. I managed to contact the old Ambrosia people and get their ok, and I'm now in the process of getting the game running again, updated for modern macOS. While this project was quite uncertain to start out with, it is now nearing completion and at least a first re-release. So sign up below if you're interested!

Current progress: (May 14, 2020)

Plans / To do:

Release notification
If you want to be notified when Sketchfighter 4000 Alpha is re-released, use the form below to submit your name and e-mail. The number of people signing up for this will also let me know a little about how many people are interested in reviving the game. This information will only be stored and used for this one e-mail release notification and will be deleted after that.

Beta testing
If you're interested in helping out as a beta tester you can check the beta testing box. If you do this you'll be notified when there is a beta build ready for testing and how to access it. If you complete the testing and report back, this will be converted to a full license if/when the game is released, so you'll get it for free.

Sign up for release notification or to be a beta tester using the field below.

Beta testing