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SketchFighter future development

New features we're considering or working on for SketchFighter are listed here, and you can vote on what you think should be prioritized or send us your ideas. You can also sign up below to get a notification if a feature you vote on is implemented.

Proposed new features

These are features that have been requested or we're thinking about that you can vote for.

Update notifications

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Other ideas?

Do you have other ideas for new features or improvements? Please let us know!

If we like the idea we might implement it right away, or add it here for future consideration.

Send feedback or ideas

There is of course no guarantee that any of these feature will ever be implemented, and we have a lot of other ideas and plans as well. But if something on this list gets a lot of votes it will let use know there's interest and it will be more likely to become reality.

Previous versions

Take a look at what has been added in previous updates, or subscribe to updates via RSS feed.

SketchFighter 4000 Alpha Version history